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Why We Give Wellness

Our Why

This Whole Life Foundation started because of a need seen in the community. The need is simple: we have individuals in our community who WANT to get well but can’t due to a variety of circumstances. Maybe they want to get well but don’t make enough money to pay for mental health + wellness services. Or maybe they want to heal but their insurance doesn’t cover a specific wellness service. Perhaps an individual was undergoing treatment, lost their job and benefits and, consequently, lost their ability to continue treatment. Or maybe they work in a field that is not set up for staying healthy and prevent burnout and access to care is not always granted.

This is WHY This Whole Life Foundation exists. No one should have to forego their health due to lack of insurance, poor insurance coverage, poor systems management by an employer, or loss of benefits during ongoing treatment.

And as we are sure you’ve noticed, it’s really hard to help our community TRULY get well when we are only ever placing bandaids on problems such as mental health + wellness access. And when the systems designed to care for us are also feeling the burn – how will we ever creating lasting change ACROSS generations?! We want to provide care far and wide for our city + community, AND care for the people who care for people (i.e. our frontline workers, teachers, firefighters, nurses, mental health providers, etc. etc.). 

Without caring for BOTH the lives of the individuals in our community, AND simultaneously caring for the lives of those who care for others in such intense ways – this whole life of ours will simply continue to decline. But when we can step in and change the narratives not only for the individuals, but for the workers who care for our community – THEN This Whole Life begins to see major changes. Generational cycles of burnout/fatigue/trauma/depression/anxiety etc all become obsolete because rather than a snowball effect of doom, we’ve now learned how to cultivate a snowball effect of growth and healing. Won’t you join us?!

Here’s How We Make It Happen

Through This Whole Life Foundation, clients can get the care they need FOR FREE, we are able to maximize on dollars donated and save our community money by cultivating sustainable change and practical early intervention, AND we make sure our providers are cared for through their own ability to engage in healing intensives. This prevents burnout, reduces stress load, enhances healthier emotional regulation, which ultimately creates a more thriving and healthy community over all.  

Program 1: Scholarships for Services

Through our Scholarship program, we offer inidividuals the opportunity to apply for funds that will help cover the cost of their mental health and wellness services with any of our preferred providers in our TWLF network.

Program 2: Healing Intensives

Healing Intensives are a unique program designed by one of our network providers to offer frontline workers (i.e. healthcare workers, ministry workers, teachers, non profit leaders) and victims of human trafficking the opportunity for a 1-day deep dive to either jumpstart their healing journey, or offer nervous system regulation/reprieve for the burned out.

Ways to Get Involved

Monthly Giving Partner

Become a recurring monthly giving partner. Help us sustain this non profit by giving monthly. Every little bit helps – whether its $5, $10, or $100. Your gift changes lives!

Preferred Wellness Provider

If you are a mental health or wellness service provider (mental health counselors, nutritionists, health coach, wellness retreat host, etc.), we would love to chat with you about becoming one of our wellness providers. 


If you are an employer looking for a great way to give benefits to your employees, WHILE giving back to an amazing initiative like This Whole Life Foundation then PLEASE email hello@wellnessbuff.org to learn about Healing Intensives as an employee benefit. We would love to help with your employee retention!

Empowered People, Empower People

This wonderful and easy exchange is small in comparison to the simple fact that empowered people, empower people. Educated people, educate people. People who’ve been helped, help. The ripple effect of individuals truly leaning into their healing process without all the red tape is ASTOUNDING. 

When given the opportunity to get well, it creates an opportunity to not be just another negative statistic, but to be a helpful, positive one. It reduces suicide rates and decreases the need for inpatient hospital stays, which SAVES our country money. 

Help us overcome overwhelmingly negative statistics, increase chances for others to THRIVE, and feel good knowing you’re helping the community!

Learn More About This Whole Life Foundation

If you would like to learn more about This Whole Life, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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