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Why We Give Wellness

Our Why

This Whole Life Foundation started because of a need seen in the community. The need is simple: we have individuals in our community who WANT to get well but can’t due to a variety of circumstances. Maybe they want to get well but don’t make enough money to pay for wellness services. Or maybe they want to heal but their insurance doesn’t cover a specific wellness service. Perhaps an individual was undergoing treatment, lost their job and benefits and, consequently, lost their ability to continue treatment.

This is WHY This Whole Life Foundation exists. No one should have to forego their health due to lack of insurance, poor insurance coverage, or loss of benefits during ongoing treatment.

BUT as we’re sure you’ve seen, you can’t have just a few generous souls in the community providing these pro bono services, or it cultivates burnout and compassion fatigue. So as providers, we want to provide quality care to individuals who need it while ensuring we don’t short-change ourselves in the process.

Here’s How We Make It Happen

Through This Whole Life Foundation, clients can get the care they need and providers can STILL GET PAID for their time and energy all while being an invaluable professional. 

Ways to Get Involved

Business Builder

Become a recurring monthly giving partner through your business. Gain a tax-write off for your business while simultaneously being advertised for your generosity! 

Preferred Wellness Provider

If you are a biblically-based wellness service provider (mental health counselors, nutritionists, chiropractics, personal trainer, etc.), we would love to chat with you about becoming one of our wellness providers

Caring Civilian

If you’re someone who believes in the cause and desires to help others positively impact their life, become a monthly recurring donor. Any amount can help someone in need receive the care they deserve!

Empowered People, Empower People

This wonderful and easy exchange is small in comparison to the simple fact that empowered people, empower people. Educated people, educate people. People who’ve been helped, help. The ripple effect of individuals truly leaning into their healing process without all the red tape is ASTOUNDING. 

When given the opportunity to get well, it creates an opportunity to not be just another negative statistic, but to be a helpful, positive one. It reduces suicide rates and decreases the need for inpatient hospital stays, which SAVES our country money. 

Help us overcome overwhelmingly negative statistics, increase chances for others to THRIVE, and feel good knowing you’re helping the community!

Learn More About This Whole Life Foundation

If you would like to learn more about This Whole Life, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

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