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Who are your Preferred Wellness Partners?

View our Preferred Wellness Providers page to view and learn more about our providers.

How do you get your funding?

Through businesses who give generously on a recurring basis. CLICK HERE to view a list of businesses that donate regularly.

How much does an average session cost for counseling/training/etc.?

The average cost of individual wellness sessions (whether it be for mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, personal training, or group fitness classes) is $80 per one hour.

Why can’t your sessions cost less, so we don’t have to donate as much?

We’ve seen other organizations operate from this standpoint and we’ve heard from their wellness providers. They informed us that it was not enough compensation for the time and paperwork required to help others get well. 

We want our clients who are coming to us for scholarship sessions to receive QUALITY care, not a burned out, overworked and underpaid kind of care. A low value of care only perpetuates negative healing cycles. Our model ensures others get well while reducing burnout and compassion fatigue that wellness providers face. 

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