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Our Wellness Providers

Sole Fitness

Sole Fitness is our preferred wellness provider for all things group fitness for women, and personal training sessions for MEN & WOMEN.

Veronica Hayes

Veronica is our preferred wellness provider for nutrition counseling. Veronica is a registered dietician, and provides a very holistic approach to healing using food as medicine.

Made well center for wholeness

The Made Well Center is one of our preferred wellness providers for mental health counseling, group/private fitness, as well as women’s wellness retreats, and continuing education workshops/trainings. The Made Well Center specializes in working with individuals suffering from trauma.

Mind Matters 

Mind Matters is one of our preferred wellness providers for mental health/psychiatric counseling. Mind Matters is a group of Christian Counselors all seeking to help individuals heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Thrive Counseling

Hannah Hawksworth, owner of Thrive Counseling, is a preferred wellness provider for mental health counseling.

Reclaim Counseling & Wellness

Reclaim Counseling & Wellness is a group of clinicians who all aim to provide mental health counseling services to women, their families, and other individuals struggling with mental health issues.

Arise Counseling & Therapy 

Arise Counseling and Therapy is focused on walking with people through difficulties, through wonderings and through joy to find freedom within themselves. Integrity, confidentiality and providing a safe space is of the utmost importance to us. 

Kristen Holt Therapy

Kristen Holt Therapy 

Kristen Holt Therapy is a preferred wellness provider who offers mental health counseling services specializing in trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Flourish Mental Wellness

Flourish Mental Wellness 

Flourish Mental Wellness is a preferred provider for TWLF owned by Bethany Tennant.

Agape Counseling

Agape Counseling

The Agape Counseling provides therapy for Adults, Individuals, Marriage and Families. Representative: Jennifer Lilly LCMHC

Progress Counseling

Progress Counseling

Alexis Steele creates a warm, trusting and healing environment so that Clients can address their concerns in an honest manner that leads to lasting results.

The Hope Center

Hope Center ILM

The Hope Center of Cape Fear, LLC provides faith-based counseling for individuals and couples. Rob Hamilton provides counseling for marriage, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, stress, parenting, vocation, identity, and spiritual crisis. 

Become a Preferred Provider

This Whole Life Foundation started based out of a need seen in the community. The need is simple: we have individuals in our community who WANT to get well, but they can’t due to a plethora of circumstances. 

And we’re sure you know, you can’t have just one or two generous providers giving pro bono services. It cultivates burnout and compassion fatigue.

As providers, we want to provide quality care for these individuals that need it, while not short changing ourselves in the process.

Through This Whole Life Foundation, clients can get the care they need, and providers can STILL GET PAID for their time and energy in being a helping professional. 

 If you are a biblically-based wellness service (mental health counselors, nutritionists, chiropractics, personal trainer, etc.), we would love to chat with you about becoming one of our wellness providers! 

Your Donations Have a HUGE Impact in the Lives of Individuals Receiving Wellness Services and in the Community.

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